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concerning the writings of Warren R. B. Dixon

As for the biography of the author being celebrated here, let us not look too closely. If we avoid the closet where one hell of a roman à clef hides on a shelf, then his shadow by starlight may be cast in a few facts. Warren R. B. Dixon lives in the Champlain Valley on the New York side with a wife, two dogs, five thousand books, two pianos and a large music library. He is an economist emeritus and a coffee-house philosopher. Waitresses at the diner on Cumberland Head know his first name. He can be found from time to time under the sprawl of the Southern Cross in the Transvaal or in the farthest reaches of Tierra del Fuego or almost anywhere between Cape Reinga and Invercargill in New Zealand. He has been known to hang out among the squares of Savannah. While he moonlights as a virtuoso listener to Haydn and Scarlatti, he is a full-time writer. He claims to be a literary Old Man and the Sea.